A New Era in Pyschadelics.

Picture this, the peaceful space that comes after a full psychedelic experience; you’re relaxed, insightful and feeling connected. This is the Micronaut experience.

Curated Ingredients

Crafted with Intention.

Step into a world of whimsy and relaxation with our Amanita Mushroom Gummies - where each chew delivers a dose of bliss in a burst of flavor. Crafted with care for those seeking a delightful twist on tranquility, these gummies are your ticket to a uniquely soothing experience that'll leave you craving more.
Verified Potency
We test our product, not everyone does.
Made in the USA
We're basically neighbors.
Um, it's good
They're delicious
100% Legal
Don't trip potato chip

You've got options

Stay in, or go out.

You can either go out or stay in, your choice, it's your world. We recommend tossing a gummy or two down the hatch and checking the vibes.

Only Natural

Your New Travel Companion.

It's 2024, it doesn't make sense to hit the road without some mushies in your bag. Toss a pack in your backpack and enjoy the trek, even more :). 

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