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The trip you need without the trip you don't. You pop one of these, and it's like the universe has just exhaled a great, peaceful sigh right into your cerebral cortex.

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Micronaut Amanita Gummies
Micronaut Amanita Gummies

Micronaut Amanita Gummies

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macro & micro

  • 1 Macro dose or 4 Micro doses
  • Enhance Creativity and Relaxation
  • 100% Legal
  • Bursting Tropical flavor

Quality in Every bag

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Pure Muscimol

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Lab Tested

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THC Free

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Natural Flavor

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Crafted with Intention.

Step into a world of whimsy and relaxation with our Amanita Mushroom Gummies - where each chew delivers a dose of bliss in a burst of flavor. Crafted with care for those seeking a delightful twist on tranquility, these gummies are your ticket to a uniquely soothing experience that'll leave you craving more.

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What Does it Do?

You'll be relaxed, so supremely relaxed, like a cat in a sunbeam, utterly at peace with the existential riddles that usually twist your neurons into knots. Insight will come as easy as breathing, and you might feel the urge to scribble down revelations or sketch out visions that flit through your newly tranquil mind.

In essence, these gummies are the gentle landing at the end of a long, strange trip. They're your cosmic parachute, guiding you back to earth softly, letting you touch down with all the wisdom of the skies but none of the meteoric crash. So, saddle up for a smooth ride through the gentle realms of your psyche, enlightened and unencumbered.

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